Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NOW Offering Online Coupon Classes!!!!

You wish you could take a class, but St. Louis is far, far away.
Sound familiar?
If so, than an online class might be for you.
Beginning in May, I will be offering a online courses:
The Beginner’s Guide to Coupons Online is a four-week class,1 night each week, that will start with the very basics of extreme couponing–getting organized–then move on learning how to use coupons to begin saving 50% or more off your grocery bill and learn strategies for tackling stores.  Each week we will go on a site called Stickam, which offers audio and video for 7 people. Personal feedback will be given and questions answered through a Stickam just for the class.
****The cost of the class is $30. Thats only 7.50 a Session!
We will be Starting the Week of May 15 into the Week of June 5 . It will be a consecutive day!
The Day has not be chosen at this time.  
Recommend ideas for class:
Coupon Binder
Video Cam for Computer
Microphone for Computer

Please email me at TheKrazyCouponQueen@gmail.com for questions. ****Note: You are to pay with Paypal ONLY!
Wanting to Take the Class And in the Eastern and Central Time Zone Go Here Read/Fill Out the Form! Wanting to Take the Class And in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zone Go Here Read/Fill Out the Form!

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