Monday, May 30, 2011

****Scavenger Hunt****don't be late!

Friday, June 3 at 9 EST, I, The Krazy Coupon Queen, Will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt with my Co Hosts, Money $aving MicheleMommy's Crazy 4 CouponsWeek 99er, and Free4mommies. I and My Co Hosts will have a list of Items on are will. You will have to go to each of are pages, get all of the items together (or as many as you can)  from your home, take a picture, Write the name of the Items under the picture and post it on The Krazy Coupon Queens Wall. You will only have 25 minutes to post it! There is 30 items total!  So you have to be fast and quick! At the end of the time The Krazy Coupon Queen Will Close it! Once it is closed she and her co hosts will count up the Items, see how many and then If there is a tie she will use Random.Org to pick the winner! The winner will get a Stack of Coupons ! 

1. If you don't post what you have under the picture, the picture doesn't count
2. You have to have all of the Blogger "Like"
3. When I post close, Its Closed! If you post a picture after I post Close it doesn't count.

Hope to see you there! It will be alot of fun! 


  1. Question do we start here on on your fb page?

  2. 1 more question: do we upload each item by themselves or do we up load all we get in one picture?

  3. That was great, my first time ever doing that. :) My husband even helped me, thanks to him LOL