Saturday, June 18, 2011

Are you a Newie at blogging or Just need some Info?

Hello Bloggers,

I always love helping fellow Bloggers out! No matter what it is! Here is Info on somethings i host and somethings that are really great for a Blogger!

Coupon Bloggers Only Page
I have made a Coupon Bloggers Only Page so others can ask questions or get advise from Me and other bloggers! Its a great way to tell other bloggers your page, share your giveaways, and ask if someone would sponsor at your giveaway!  Link is here

Bloggers Chat
I host bloggers chats all the time where usually coupon bloggers come in and we all chat about whatever! Its really Fun! If you wanna Join Bloggers Chat Just let me know by fill out this Form.

Scavenger Hunt

Also, I host scavenger hunt there always on Friday night at 9EST. If you would like more info or to sign up Click Here. These get you alot of Fan because fans go to 5 different blogs to get 5 different lists. 

Everything you need to know about
Product Review/PR
Im doing alot of PR(Product Reviews). This is a great way to do giveaways! Alot of companies will do giveaways along with you doing a PR. A PR is where they send you there product no matter what it is. You test it out then on your Blog you Write about it. I like to use these kind of question:

What Is It?
What Did I Like?

What Didn’t I Like?
The Verdict

If you would like to see example Here.

In order to do a PR I suggest a PR Letter. This just states that you have a blog and your blog is about...... If you would like help with your letter, Just email me and I would be happy to help.

When you get done with your PR Letter you will need a need Companies of that you can send your letter to well your in Luck because i have one! Here!

Affiliate Site Programs

Affiliate Site Programs means layman's terms simply means an agent for that product. Simply put it this way, You enroll as an affiliate or agent and you promote or sell the product of the site or company you enrolled in. You are given an affiliate link where in you will use for promotion. Once someone click on your affiliate link a and buy the product you are promoting,signs up for it, you get commission for that product you sold or whatever they did to get it, in form of an item or by cash. I use 4 affiliate site programs.

1. Mysavings Media- One of the campaigns that they have right now ar the Pampers gifts to grow, the Kodak photo magnet and groupon amongst others. Here is my link if you want to sign up: They will call you to confirm everything.

2. Logical Media-- -- you can also do on this one, redplum, several survey sites, and many different offers. THey also have a similar thing like mysavings where you could put something on your site.

3.Escalate h This is the one I use for some of my survey sites and and the sunday coupon preview, quiznos and chili's amongst others when they come out. Quiznos and chili's are ending tonight I think but they come back every month or so (it seems anyway!)

4.Panthera Network-- --- I use this for alot of offers! I make alot of money from this one! Some of the offers that  are going on NOW Free Movies Tickets for a year, Win 5k, and alot of theres! 

If you sign up for these and you don't get accepted don't get mad or upset. Just try again when you have more fans. My first time filling out the forms i got reject on one site. Then a month later when back filled out the forms and got accepted and sometimes there just not accepting people at that time. 

If you ever need anything Feel free to email me at Like I said Im always willing to help!


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