Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Features On The Blog!

Hey Everyone! 

I just wanted to Tell you that we have been working on some NEW stuff to add to our blog! 

1st. I Now have a .Com! Yippee

2nd. A BIG think I have added is The Tool Bar you See that the bottom of your screen!
You can do a lot of stuff with this Tool Bar! One Big This Im Liking is The Chat Tab! 

I will be using this to Scavenger Hunts, For your Questions, and other Stuff! Maybe even a Giveaway Who Knows!

Another Thing on the Tab is Notifications! So if i was to happen to do a Secret Giveaway or something like that I suggest you come here! Hint Hint! 

Well Thats all I have for now! I want to thank everyone That has Liked my Page and Followed me! Happy Thirsty Thursdays! 

BTW Downy Will be having a Giveaway at 10EST! Check there Facebook Page!

Talk to you soon! 


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