Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everything you need to know about Product Review/PR

Im doing alot of PR(Product Reviews). This is a great way to do giveaways! Alot of companies will do giveaways along with you doing a PR. A PR is where they send you there product no matter what it is. You test it out then on your Blog you Write about it. I like to use these kind of question:

What Is It?
What Did I Like?

What Didn’t I Like?
The Verdict

If you would like to see example Here.

In order to do a PR I suggest a PR Letter. This just states that you have a blog and your blog is about. Below is how to Start to Review your Letter:

so para 1 - explain what your website it about, what all you offer. 
write how you like to test their products to review them
explain how you write your reviews on how you go about doing them (you can look on my website in the reviews section on ideas)
spice it up a lil make it look like you've been wanting to do this, tell em about you.

then put the link to your reviews section

para 2 - tell em your page view numbers (which you only get with domain pages. I use blue host)
tell them that you will follow their guideline, like their pages, sign up to there site, contact em when you receive your item(s) 
tell them places that your signed up to.

Here is a sample Letter:


My name is {insert your name}, and I am the owner/author of {insert blog name and address}. {insert a description of your blog here}.

I have read and heard much about {insert product name} and am very interested in trying it because {insert reason here}{Describe why you would be interested in trying the product}.

My readers are {provide information about your readership} and I believe they would love enjoy the information I could provide through a review of {insert product name}. If you can provide a sample, I would be delighted to review it for you on my blog!

My blog receive {insert number} pageviews per day/month and {insert number} subscribe to my feed, so I think a review on my site would be very beneficial to your company.

At your request, I can let you preview the review before it is published. This will allow for any questions or comments to be answered by {insert company name}.

Thank you for your time. I hope we can work together!

{Insert Your Name}
{Insert Blog Title} {Insert Blog url}
{Insert Your Street Address}
{Insert Your City, State, Zip}
{Insert Your Phone Number}

When you get done with your PR Letter you will need a need Companies of that you can send your letter to well your in Luck because I have one! Here!


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